Pilates with Charlie


Join Charlie in our Pilates classes at the Space in Sunningdale

Charlie has been doing Pilates for 25 years and instructing for nearly 15 of those years in the Middlesex area. We are delighted that Charlie is now extending his classes to our centre in Sunningdale in Jan 2024.

Pilates is a series of exercises inspired by Yoga, Calisthenics and Ballet. It promotes mobility and strength of all major muscle groups in the body in a balanced fashion as well as having a key focus on your deep core muscles.

Benefits of Pilates include but are not limited to:

Charlie’s classes are the perfect fit for the ethos of our centre being both personable and intimate with a maximum of 7 persons per class. Classes will be 50 minutes long and on a Monday afternoons from 2pm with a second class at 3pm. The first class of the new year will be on the 8th of January.

Single Class passes are £25 per session or 6 sessions can be purchased for £120 for the half a term of classes

To find out more and to book a session please contact us on info@simplyoxygen.co.uk or call 01344 508098

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