Sound Therapy


What is a Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy is a powerful and transformative practice, offering a unique blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary healing techniques to balance the mind and heal the body.

While ancient cultures intuitively recognised the therapeutic benefits of sound, more recently modern science has started to unravel the physiological mechanisms behind sound therapy. The human body is a complex orchestra of vibrations and frequencies, and sound waves have the capacity to influence this intricate symphony on a cellular level. Sound therapy operates on the principle of resonance, where the frequencies emitted by specific instruments interact with the body’s cells, tissues, and energy centres.

Exposure to specific frequencies can positively impact brainwave patterns, inducing states of relaxation and reducing stress. The vibrational frequencies emitted by singing bowls synchronise with the brain’s alpha and theta waves, promoting a meditative state and fostering a sense of tranquillity. These vibrations stimulate the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, shifting from fight or flight and triggering the relaxation response promoting overall well-being. The activation of the parasympathetic nervous system during sound bowl therapy can contribute to lower heart rates, reduced blood pressure, and enhanced overall cardiovascular health.

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What to expect in a sound mediation session?

We offer sound bowl meditation sessions in our serene and tranquil setting. Lay back on our comfort beds whilst a selection of singing bowls are skillfully played, producing a symphony of tones that reverberate through the space creating a deeply relaxing experience. The sound waves resonate not only through the ears but also through the body, creating a multi-sensory journey. Groups are limited to a max of 7 to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation.

What to expect in a sound massage session?

Sound massage is the ultimate relaxation experience. Placed on the fully clothed body and played, vibrations produced by the singing bowls penetrate on a cellular level. These soundwaves massage the body internally, relaxing muscles, releasing tension, relieving pain and promoting rejuvenation. The resonance induces a state of deep relaxation whilst the body releases endorphins, reducing stress and tension further.