Increased Oxygen = More Energy

Increased Energy = More Healing

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Is a non-invasive, painless therapy used to increase the oxygen concentration levels within your body. To increase the body’s volume of oxygen a combination of pressure created by the hyperbaric chamber and higher oxygen concentration (typically 90-95% compared to ambient air of 21%) means that after a single session you can increase your body’s oxygen levels in the bloodstream of upwards of 1000%

Simply Oxygen, a fresh approach to recovery and health optimisation.

Welcome to Simply Oxygen

At Simply Oxygen, we specialise in body & mind recovery and optimisation using tech led, scientifically proven therapies.

Foremost, we are experts in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and utilise both High and Low pressure chambers for treatments. Additionally, we offer supplementary services, including Salt therapy, Red Light therapy, Infrared therapy, Pilates and Sound therapy.

Based in London & Berkshire, our client base is both UK-wide and global. Many of our clients come to us through recommendations and referrals, and we take pride in the bespoke and personalised services we provide.

Currently, we operate 2 Recovery & Wellness Centres: one in West London and another on the Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire boarders. Treatment plans at these centres are delivered through face-to-face consultations with clients. Most of our clients at these locations are individuals seeking support during illnesses, diseases, or after surgeries. We are also popular among those who are looking to use therapies for longevity, beauty and health optimisation. Our personalised service ensures that a tailored plan is developed for each individual.

We also offer an At Home service that many of these clients take advantage of. This tailored service allows individuals to either purchase or lease equipment for use at home or in a business setting. Many have found that the convenience of a home setting enhances their recovery efficiency and optimises the process.

Many of our clients come from the world of sports and we have built a reputation for delivering bespoke solutions for both individual professional athletes competing on the global stage and championship-winning professional clubs. As well as treatments and equipment, we provide ongoing support to their medical teams in both the on and off seasons.

This reputation has led us to attract individuals (both professional, amateur and casual) who are looking to recover from sports injuries or optimise their own performance.

Currently, we are working with 4 Premiership football teams, A Seria A football team, 3 Premiership rugby teams, a major US sport’s governing body, as well as professional individuals from golf, polo, boxing, tennis, and motorsports.

We also offer Custom-Designed Recovery Suites. Working closely with our clients (and their medical personnel), we identify exactly what the desired end outcome is and based on this information we recommend the equipment best suited for their needs and requirements. We will then project manage all phases from design through to installation, while maintaining constant engagement with the client.

Our Recovery Suite portfolio has ranged from permanent fixtures at Newcastle United to semi-permanent recovery rooms set up in preparation for a world champion boxing fight. These rooms are only required for a 3-month period and are located specifically for training purposes. We also have individuals who have engaged us to design Recovery Suites as part of new gym installations at residential premises.

How can Simply Oxygen help you?

We have hyperbaric oxygen therapy centres in Twickenham (London) and Sunningdale (Berkshire) where we provide face to face sessions for individuals and professional athletes.

We also rent and sell chambers to people across the UK for home use (currently not available in Northern Ireland) and we support businesses with both hyperbaric chamber rentals and hyperbaric chamber sales as well as hyperbaric oxygen therapy training for those that are new to the industry and would like a better understanding of HBOT and how it should be delivered to the highest of safety standards.

Experts in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, we provide treatment in our centres as well as training for businesses and healthcare professionals, sales and rentals.

In addition to our hyperbaric oxygen therapy centres, we run full recovery hubs including The Space by Simply Oxygen. This enables clients to access a wide range of modalities such as full body LED light beds (Photobiomodulation), Infrared Saunas, Salt Therapy (Halotherapy) and Exercise Therapy. We work as part of a network of healthcare professionals to ensure our clients receive an exceptional level of support to achieve their desired health goals.


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