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Increased Oxygen = More Energy

Increased Energy = More Healing

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Is a non-invasive, painless therapy used to increase the oxygen concentration levels within your body. To increase the body’s volume of oxygen a combination of pressure created by the hyperbaric chamber and higher oxygen concentration (typically 90-95% compared to ambient air of 21%) means that after a single session you can increase your body’s oxygen levels in the bloodstream of upwards of 1000%

Simply Oxygen a fresh approach to recovery from sports injuries, medical conditions and general health and wellness.

Oxygen’s primary function within our body is to provide it with ability to release energy. It all happens within the cells, in small organelles that are called mitochondria which are amazing energy generators, they use oxygen to help transform nutrients from the digestive process into energy that can be used directly by the cell (this energy is called ATP).

The treatment itself takes about an hour and fifteen minutes per dive and after a treatment your body is flooded with additional oxygen that is free floating in your plasma which means it can reach even the most inflamed body parts unlike oxygen attached to red blood cells.

How can Simply Oxygen help you?

We have hyperbaric oxygen therapy centres in Twickenham (London) and Bagshot (Surrey) where we do face to face sessions for individuals and professional athletes.

We also rent and sell chambers to people across the UK for home use (currently not available in  Northern Ireland) and we support businesses with both hyperbaric chamber rentals and hyperbaric chamber sales as well as hyperbaric oxygen therapy training for those that are new to the industry and would like a better understanding of HBOT and how it should be delivered to the highest of safety standards

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