Treatments – Infrared Sauna


Who benefits from an Infrared Sauna Experience?

We use combination saunas of near, mid and far infrared light.

Near Infrared: This light therapy, combined with heat, works wonders at the basal layer of your skin, promoting healing and revitalization.

Mid Infrared: With a longer light wavelength, it penetrates deeper into your body’s tissues, enhancing circulation, oxygenation, and post-exercise muscle recovery.

Far Infrared: The furthest-reaching light in our range offers benefits like toxin removal, metabolism stimulation, and cardiovascular system support.

When your body heats up internally in our Infrared Saunas, your natural response is to increase blood circulation for cooling. This process mimics the effects of exercise, improving blood flow and circulation while aiding in toxin removal through both sweat and a boosted metabolism. Recent analyses from a cohort of Finnish men enrolled in the Kuopio Ischemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study demonstrated that greater frequencies and durations of sauna use are associated with a decreased risk of fatal cardiovascular events and reduced risk of hypertension.

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Note for Rentals and Sales – Infra Red Saunas are widely used for recovery purposes, standard 1 to 4 person chambers are readily available, however custom built saunas that can fit 12 -16 persons are also available on request.