Treatments – Red Light Therapy

What Is Red Light Therapy?

We use LS technology to deliver the red light therapy in our centre and this has both red light and infrared light together that penetrate the body via our bed system.

The body has approx. 70 billion cells in it as a fully grown adult and these cells need both repair and replacing on a regular basis. To do this the body needs energy and this energy comes from the cells powerhouse the mitochondria which produce ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) the bodies form of currency for energy.

Red light therapy uses a combination of red light and infrared waves that enable the body to energise localised tissue from skin and nerves to deeper level tendons, muscles and bones. This is done through a process called photo biomodulation, effectively the ability for these light wave lengths to input photon energy into our bodies using a technique that is akin to plants using photosynthesis to provide them with energy.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

LED light therapy is a process by which energy is delivered to various parts of the body via light emitting diodes (LEDs) and is absorbed by the cells for therapeutic and healing gains. The different energy wavelengths penetrate the skin at varying depths and provide the energy cells need to activate increased circulation, healing and repair.

The three most recognized and researched light wavelengths are Red, Infrared and Blue Light, these are the 3 wavelengths combined and used in the LS ProSystem that we use in Sunningdale.

Throughout most people’s lives they will have peaks and troughs of body repair and regeneration, sometimes you will have a few niggles and problems that when combined slow down your overall recovery rate due to the volume of work your body needs to do. This is when supporting your body with treatments such as red light therapy will enhance your bodies ability to recover quicker and more efficiently.

Benefits Of Red Light Therapy?

Studies have shown that near and infrared light stimulate the production of ATP in the body thereby allowing it to accelerate recovery and enhance performance.

The other important benefit of LED red light therapy is the triggered release of nitric oxide, the body’s natural vasodilator. A vasodilator is something that affects the muscles in the walls of arteries preventing the muscles from tightening and the walls from narrowing. This has the effect of allowing blood to flow more easily around the body through the blood vessels. The heart then does not have to work as hard to pump blood around the body reducing blood pressure.

Studies have shown that this opening of the blood vessels allows oxygen to flood to localised areas, facilitating healing and recovery of damaged tissue.

Red light therapy post Oxygen therapy can enhance both treatments to super charge the oxygen being sent to your body, allowing you to recover at a much faster rate than would normally be possible.

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