Laura's Story

Here at Simply Oxygen we know that sports injuries and health concerns like arthritis, digestive issues, skin concerns and immune problems can really hold you back.

In fact, I founded the company based on my own health struggles.

Having a severe form of Crohn’s disease with referred arthritis meant that I would often spend long periods of time completely housebound. I was also receiving biologic immune suppressing therapy which left me vulnerable to frequent infections.

When a summer holiday went very badly wrong in 2016, I returned to the UK with a body covered in mosquito bites and this is where my Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy journey began!

Baffled by the immune response of my body, I was sent to a medical diagnostic consultant who told me he had never witnessed a reaction like it. Though extremely helpful, the conventional medical system where simply unable to help me, as by this stage my body was rejecting steroid treatment.

So in desperation I began reading for hours and hours on end. Study after study. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) repeatedly came up as a non-invasive and promising treatment option. Thankfully a local MS centre allowed me to use their facilities

Within days my swollen joints started to return to normal size. So, after seeing first-hand how much this treatment had helped me I wanted to not only make it part of my daily life but also bring it to other people with similar struggles.

Rather than an alternative for conventional medicine, HBOT should be considered a complimentary therapy. We have worked alongside consultants to support patients during chemotherapy, acute sports injuries, chronic infections and many other conditions.

As well as treatments from our Surrey clinic, both Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber and oxygen concentrator rental and sale is available to those who are unable to travel for treatment or are looking to have a portable hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, or oxygen concentrator at home.

We also supply a range of hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers to physiotherapists, beauty spas, health practitioners and wellness centres.

I will take you first hand through all the steps I went through when I first began my hyperbaric oxygen therapy journey and walk you through the sales and training process.

Get in touch today for a free initial consultation and find out if HBOT can help you, get back to being you.