How everything began

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been exploring Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy due to health concerns. Let me take you back to where and how my own journey began in 2012.

In 2012, I was diagnosed with colitis and it marked the beginning of a frustrating and ultimately debilitating cycle of events. I found myself trapped in a vicious cycle of biologics, frequent infections, and troubling side effects that left the medical community thinking I had more health issues. I was told I might have Autoimmune hepatitis, Lupus, ME, MS, and a variety of other daunting conditions. Test after test, with no definitive conclusion. Life as I had known it seemed to disappear overnight, with no prospect of it ever returning to any sense of normality.

Then, one fateful morning in 2015, I woke up on the last day of a Spanish vacation, covered in mosquito bites, with my hands, legs and feet swollen, I was unable to walk. My right hand was so swollen that even holding a water bottle was a challenge. A doctor specialising in tropical diseases quote “had never seen anything like it in his career”. I believe that the reaction was so severe as a result of my hugely compromised immune system.

Enough was enough, I couldn’t continue like this, something had to change.


I do want to say that I received excellent care from the NHS, BUT they were focused on managing symptoms rather than addressing the root cause. The brutal medications I was taking had taken a toll on my entire body. From loss of bone density, loss of hair and skin thinning. Long periods of immobility had caused muscle wastage and lethargy. I was suffering from nervous system dysregulation and my immune system was running on empty. Like many others battling serious or chronic illnesses, I wasn’t prepared for the profound impact on my entire body, my emotional and mental wellbeing and ultimately my quality of life. At this point, recovery seemed like a distant dream and that is a dark place to find yourself.

That’s when I decided to take my health into my own hands.

My background in academic research and a first in Sports Science and post graduate research in health and physiology equipped me with the skills to explore treatments that combined clinical results with natural approaches to healing. My goal shifted towards optimising my body to support its natural healing process. I did not want to rely solely on immune supressing medications that were ultimately causing more issues. The drugs I was taking had negative side effects and I needed to counterbalance the scales in my favour.

I embarked on my journey of research, immersing myself in studies and scientific literature, day in and day out. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) repeatedly emerged as a non-invasive, promising option. I took my first steps into HBOT at a local Multiple Sclerosis centre in 2016. Within days, I witnessed the incredible transformation as my swollen joints returned to normal, my energy levels started to return and my body worked its internal magic, free from any side effects of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment. I started to get better and all of the symptoms of my many “suspected” illnesses started to reduce and in fact disappear entirely.

Seeing how HBOT transformed my life, I knew it had to be more than just a treatment; it had to become a lifeline for others facing similar struggles.

An unexpected benefit of the treatment was the positive impact on my ability to concentrate, alleviating the brain fog and reducing my anxiety. This encouraged me to pursue my research with renewed vigour. During this time, I reached out to a highly regarded U.S. doctor (MD) who specialises in hyperbaric medicine. The United States has been at the forefront of incorporating hyperbaric treatment alongside conventional and alternative medical practices. Collaborating with this expert and attending his training sessions convinced my husband and me that this was the path we wished to follow. Consequently, we made the difficult decision to leave our successful careers in sports science and finance to embark on this journey together.

Following comprehensive training in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy under the guidance of leading authorities, we opened our first centre in the UK in 2016. We have since opened a further 2 centres and have forged collaborations with HBOT experts from around the globe to further explore its potential and delve into scientifically proven adjunctive treatments.

Over time, we have expanded our services to include Halo therapy (Salt therapy), Infra-red Saunas, Red Light therapy beds and Photo-biomodulation at our centres. We’ve seen all these therapies make remarkable differences in the lives of our clients.

These decisions proved to be invaluable when, in 2019, my 8 year old nephew, who was battling asthma and eczema, was hospitalized multiple times over the Christmas period due to a severe chest infection. Halo therapy, also known as Salt therapy, emerged as a game-changer for his respiratory and skin conditions. We incorporated this therapy into his recovery plan, and it significantly improved both his breathing and skin health.

Once again, it underscored the importance of complementary therapies in the treatment and recovery of individuals grappling with everything from chronic and severe illnesses to day to day health challenges.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy kick-started my transformation, sparking my passion for natural alternatives backed by science. I delved into each therapy, creating tailored programs for recovery post-surgery and other specific needs. We work closely with individuals to understand their unique journeys and provide personalized treatments that empower their cells to thrive.

From being housebound to experiencing pain-free mobility and remission, my life is a testament to the power our bodies have to heal. I’m committed to unlocking the potential for others to thrive, not just survive, as I once did. Even if complete remission isn’t always possible, our therapies enable individuals to enjoy a better quality of life. If you’re curious about how we can support your health goals, we’d love to talk to you today!